general f.a.q.

  • There is no "SAVE CHANGES" button enabled after we upload the files and press the "SUBMIT NOW" button. Is there any other way to confirm our work has been submitted?

    After the submission you'll receive a confirmation message and then you will receive an email with the confirmation.

  • Tried to upload the terms and condition, upload working, but does not allow to save the files ? Do you need to upload all documents in order to save the upload ?

    Yes, you have to upload all the required documents to enable the submission process to start.

  • Can you please clarify where the competition ID should be included in the submission materials?

    In the first stage of the competition, the materials described at point A, B and C (point 4-Technical Requirements for the Presentation of Projects-terms and conditions document) must be submitted through an anonymous procedure. Accordingly, there should be no competition ID, identification marks, logo or branding on such materials.

  • Could you please be more specific about the timing of the process and the reimbursement in the second stage? What about awards and payment method for the selected projects?

    The timeline of the second stage and the workshop will be defined in a second date according to the number of submissions received in stage one, approximately we believe that we will be able to have the kick-off for stage two in the month of July 2018, but right now we are not able to estimate the exact number of submissions and the timing of the subsequent selection process. The participants selected in stage one will receive a reimbursement of expenses to participate at the workshop activities and to develop the project in stage two. The eventual prizes will be defined in the second stage’s regulation document.

  • Could you please clarify what 00.00 1st of June means? Is the deadline at the end of Thursday 31st 23.59 or the end of Friday 1st?

    The deadline to upload all the materials required to participate is at 00:00 AM of the 1st of June 2018 - Italian Time, (CET) Central European Time - that means at the end of Thursday 31st of May. To check the exact time in CET area please visit this link (

  • Could you be more specific on paragraph 9.2 of the terms and conditions document?

    Barilla grants all the participants any moral and conception right in relation to the submission and guarantees the right to give proper attribution to the authors every time the work is published or exploited by Barilla and any third party authorized by Barilla. In point 9.2 Barilla obtains the license to use all the submission with the purpose to publish them in different media (i.e. publication, website, exhibitions etc.).

  • Which is the amount of the project, to be respect?

    The first Design Brief has been established to 
allow concept designs to be generated. The budget will be estimated at the second stage of the competition.

  • Could you clarify the situation for the participants who came from countries where there is no such thing as an architect's license?

    For the countries where is not mandatory to be licensed architect to practice architecture, the participants should demonstrate that they have the legal capacity to practice architecture, as defined by the regulation of their own country. However the architects who eventually will win the competition must be prepared to timely take all steps necessary for them to meet the requirements of applicable Italian legislation in order for them to assume all of their duties and responsibilities needed to practice as licensed architects in Italy, in connection with the Pavilion.

  • Is it possible to know from whom the jury will be formed?

    Barilla decided to publish at a later date the names of the jurors. Along with president and vice-presidents of the company, the jury panel will be composed by top Italian and international professionals in the field of design and architecture, reflecting the competition's nature.

  • Is the construction of the building planned?

    Barilla have a strong willingness to build a new architectural element in Pedrignano headquarters and hopes through this International Competition to find an architect or a firm able to interpret its values and capable of subsequently developing and implementing the project in close cooperation with Barilla’s representatives and consultants.

  • It is possible to have the full regulation in Italian language?

    Due to the fact that the competition is an international competition with the purpose of ensuring equality between participants, the official language of the competition is English, as defined at point number 8 of the terms and conditions.

  • Is there a registration fee for this competition?

    It is free to participate and no fees will be charged to the Participants.

  • Is possible to change or improve the team in the second stage?

    The team members who submitted the proposal in the first stage of the competition - who are required to be registered and licensed architects in the first stage - should carry out the project also in the second stage. However, in Stage Two, it will be possibile to improve the original team adding consultants and other professionals (i.e. engineers etc.) in order to comply all the requests of the second design brief.

  • Is it provide a compensation for the selected teams? Are there prizes?

    Yes, for the selected teams there will be a reimbursement of expenses to develop the project in the second stage of the competition. All the detalis about the second stage's regulations will be published after the first stage. In the first stage of the competition the prize would be the access to the second stage. We will evaluate the possibility to award also other projects that will not get to the second stage of the competition.

  • How much will your total investment in the realisation of the Barilla Pavilion amount to?

    The budget for the realisation of this project is still under consideration and will depend also on the projects we will receive. 

  • Will there be a financial reward for the competition winner?

    Definitely. The architect / team of architects / architectural firm who wins the competition will be awarded with the contract, with a fee appropriate to the amount of work involved when the company decides to go ahead with the project.

  • What are the benefit of winning?

    The aim of this competition is to identify an architect / a team of architects / architectural firm capable of subsequently developing and implementing the project in close cooperation with Barilla’s representatives and consultants.

competition related f.a.q.

  • Does the new building need to have a connection path with the office buildings? Is it preferable to locate the entrance towards the office buildings? Is it possible to preview an underground parking for the new building?

    The strategic choices for connection and paths – outside the plot area underlined in the DWG file – are not required by the design brief. Although Barilla wishes to test the flexibility and viability of the pavilion project through the competition and expects to receive inputs and suggestions from the participants in this first stage.

  • We would like to have clarifications about the relation among the quantity of 15.000 sqm that are described on p. 47, the quantity of 49.052 that are indicated on the table on p. 58 and the dimensions of the project area estimated in 58.484 sqm from the dwg file.

    The underlined red area in the DWG file is the area where the participants must place the pavilion proposal, that it is recommended to have an overall dimension of 15,000 sqm.

  • The Brief requires an area of 15,000 sqm. Can you please confirm that this is intended to be INDOOR space and excludes plant and mechanical services?

    The overall required dimension is 15,000 sqm.

  • Is the planning of a new parking space already scheduled?

    A new parking it's not required.

  • The “Planning Parameters” data chart in the brief (page 47) seems to indicate that the project should have a building coverage ratio of 12%--could you please clarify whether this applies to our Stage 1 proposals and if so, please confirm (in square meters) what the maximum footprint of the building should be.

    The Planning Parameters data chart on page 47 indicates the general parameters for the plot area and indicates the sqm permitted by urban regulation, but it is not important focus on those technical parameters at this stage of the competition. The recommended overall dimensions of the new pavilion are 15,000 sqm, it shall have a maximum height of 16,5 metres and must be placed inside the area underlined in red in the DWG downloadable file. During the first stage the participants are invited to submit a concept design, focusing on all the public engagement, visitor amenities and exhibition spaces within the project.

  • dear competion organization, we would like to know if it is possible to obtain more specific indications about the program of the building. Could you please tell us how many square meters are devoted to offices? And to the the experience area? We do not need extremely precise inputs, just an approximate number to understand more in general the charachter of the building. Or should we make a proposal also for the composition of the program? Thanks for your kind collaboration

    Barilla prefers not to give further indications in terms of square metres for such spaces. These information have not been provided and shall be established by the designers in the proposal/concept submitted for the first stage of the competition. Barilla wishes to test the flexibility and viability of the project through the competition and expects to receive inputs and suggestions from the participants in this first stage also for the program. The aim of the first stage is to propose the vision for Barilla Pavilion, in the second phase, as part of the submission, will also be asked to show how this base design could be developed and how the first concept has the capacity to be scalable. This may be conceived as an extension of the first phase design concept improved with more detailed information through the second design brief.

  • 1) The maximum height for the project is 16.5m. Is there a restriction for the maximum depth in case of underground structures? 2) The whole programme of the proposal will be 15.000sqm with only restriction the 6m distance from the site line?

    There is no restriction for the maximum depth for underground structures. Yes, the proposals should be around 15.000 sqm. Concerning the restrictions, along with the distance from the property limit, the participants should consider also the 30 meters buffer zone (15 meters each side) of the power line, this area should be considered as a non buildable area. The precise buildable plot is underlined in red in the DWG downloadable file.

  • Is there a preferred or recommended format (landscape vs. portrait orientation) for the PDFs of the A4 booklet and A0 board?

    Except for the two thumbnail images (1680x1200 pixel – landscape format - JPG) there is no a recommended orientation for book and board. For all the submission requirements please read the point “4 - Technical Requirements for the Presentation of Projects” in the documents “Terms and Conditions” or in the “Design Brief”.

  • Is it possible to demolish the building named "factory store" which is inside the project site?

    No, it’s impossible to demolish any buildings outside the “PROJECT AREA PLOT LIMIT” underlined in the diagram at page 47 of the “Design Brief”.

  • Among the documents for the competition, can we have documents which describes the heights of Barilla's buildings existing?

    In the private area of this website, you can find a downloadable DWG file which indicates all the heights of the existing Barilla buildings in Pedrignano.

  • What kind of facilities the research areas, "Barilla center for food and nutrition" and "Start-up", requires? Can you give us some example of experimental projects in collaboration with start-ups?

    We imagine the research spaces as a new generation of spaces not encapsulated in a precise typology, as for the others public areas of the pavilion, we expect that the projects could create the opportunity to expand uses, to grant links between functions and programs, and to facilitate meetings, debate and exchange. We prefer not to set a list of specific facilities or requirements needed for those kind of spaces at this stage of the competition, we would like to set just these basic guidelines to allow different and surprising concepts design to be generated. To learn more about “Barilla Center for food and nutrition” activities please visit (

  • The area named “sapori barilla” is described as a space offering a high quality cooking experience. What exactly is the purpose of this space, are the visitors cooking in this area or just tasting? What kind of facilities do we need to provide?

    We envisage “Sapori Barilla” as a place for gastronomic experience in general, that could involves the possibility to have also a more traditional restaurant place. However we will be open to all the proposals, our purpose is also to receive from participants new visions and possibility to define those kind of spaces.

  • Can we place any building at Power Line's 15 meter zone? What is the height of Power Lines?

    The 30 meters buffer zone (15 meters each side) of the power line, should be considered as a non buildable area. The height of the power line is 25 m.

  • How many designers will be shortlisted for the second phase?

    The Jury will select the best Projects (7-10) for participation in Stage Two of the process. The Jury Panel reserves the right to choose a varying number of participants for the Second Stage of the competition in relation to the quality of the proposals presented in the Stage One.

  • May I change/edit/update my registration?

    Yes, you can both edit your profile and your submission until the deadline but only if you do not click on the “submit now” button in the upload area of the competition.

  • How can I register to participate?

    Click on the REGISTRATION button in the homepage or in the REGISTRATION button in the website footer.

  • Can only individual professionals take part or is the competition also open to groups of architects/designers or architecture firms?

    Individual professionals, established firms and temporary consortia of professionals can all take part.

  • Are there any geographical restrictions or age limits for taking part in the competition?

    No, because creativity, the drive to experiment and vision cannot be confined within restrictions of age or nationality. 

  • Who can register?

    Stage One of the Competition shall be open only to professionals who can demonstrate that they are entitled to practice as an architect in the country in which they are qualified or in the country in which they currently reside or practice. All participants must be legally registered and licensed architects in their own country.No employee of Barilla or of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies, nor his/her Family Members (meaning his/her mother, father, spouse, son, daughter, sibling, stepchild, stepparent, parent in law, brother in law, sister-in-law, grandchildren, uncles, aunts, nieces andnephews) shall be permitted to enter the Competition. The components of the Jury Panel, the consultants and collaborators of Barilla in relation to the Competition and their Family Members (as defined above) shall also not be entitled to enter the Competition.

  • What are the competition rules?

    Please find all the information about “terms and conditions” of the competition at this LINK