The objective of this project is to create a strong connection between the pavilion and the territory by proposing a futuristic vision in line with the philosophy and tradition of the Barilla Group, aiming to better blend the company with the identity of the territory and the area of Parma.

Equally the project embodies inextricably, as 3 cartesian axes, the definition of space, the social, economical and environmental aspects and context in which the pavilion is located.

The Po Valley is generated by a constant transformation and overlapping layers. The oldest layer is the partition of the fields according to the logic of the Roman centuriation that forms the current agricultural framework. The layers of the streets, which today are considered secondary, have developed over these centuriation through the centuries. A fundamental layer is the Autostrada del Sole motorway that next to the project area frees itself from any relationship with the pre-existence, imposing itself as a new ‘decumanus maximus’ for the following layers.

Between the different layers there are then different functional routes and railway connections.
At the same time, a meticulous reading of the territory highlights some elements that they settled on it becoming generators of the project.

The first is the poplar, an element strongly connected to the territory, initially used as a line separating the fields up to the current economic exploitation (cultivation of the poplar). The evolution of the project for the second phase, saw the introduction of the concept of biodiversity, or the coexistence in the same ecosystem of different plant species and animals that together create a dynamic balance thanks to their mutual relations.

The project includes the planning of a campaign monitoring and validation to measure on site, ex post, the real beneficial effects of green on the various factors mentioned, starting with the removal of pollutants. The second is a farmhouse, a typical rural house in the Valle del PO that is archetypical of the values that Barilla wants to transmit, such as: positivity, solidarity, community, humanity. Therefore, we identify it as “House”.

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The pavilion was designed with the idea of being an innovative space and, when open to the public, available to all citizens, inhabited by entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers and visitors. Inside the pavilion a variety of spaces has been specially planned with a creative and dynamic program, where history and innovation constantly dialogue: on the one hand the history of a family, the importance of the values contained in one’s own work done with dedication and commitment in the course of a lifetime, while on the other the opening towards new influences, cultures and ways of experiencing society, towards that concept of positive globalization which means integration and compatibility with every difference the world can offer, in order to rise from homogenisation and prevent the loss of identity. The perfect synthesis between the “House” and the “Forum”, the right combination between form and substance.

The ellipsoidal building projected towards the future is a modern reinterpretation of the values of the farm. It symbolically represents the sense of community, already inserted in the “House”, adding the sense of place for comparison and synthesis, also bringing the message of the repeated cycle of history, as without memory of the past there is no future. This is the reason why it is called ‘Forum’. The forum is both a linking element and an activity vector, and this mix leads to a plurality of flexible and interconnected spaces. For how it was conceived the purpose of the “Forum” and “Home” has nothing to do with promotion in a purely commercial sense, but rather wants to induce the public, to approach in an experimental and emotional way the values of the company. Its shape and inclination define it as the only infrastructural element of the project area that frees the territory from the thresholds, always represented from the roads / centuriation, between the anthropized areas and the nature. In fact, once you reach the ground, the direct contact between the pavilions and the environment around it is immediate. Freedom of movement towards the forest outside the ellipse and the internal hortus that is embraced by it is total.

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