PAVILIONUOVO is a landmark structure, an iconic, identifiable, memorable and symbolic form as pavilion with strong connection to the Barilla brand, its history and future. It is an open, welcoming and flexible architectural concept full of rich spaces and experiences, designed to facilitate and encourage communication and community. The Pavilion’s forms, spaces, materials, uses, colours and symbols are built around and reinforce the principles, ethos that is Barilla.

Our concept for Barilla’s PAVILIONUOVO, a new pavilion ‘for the future,’ responds to Barilla’s ambitious and multi-faceted brief with a forward looking and strong form of architecture – a bold and embracing steel, glass and timber ring raised, hovering over the agri-/ industrial Pedrignano landscape. Our design comprises an assembly of overlapping circles and ovals that engage and activate the total space of the site with power and energy – spiralling, interconnecting, overlapping, defining.

Operating at both a symbolic and experiential level, the project accommodates advanced technical and pro- grammatic needs and requirements within flexible and adaptable spaces that are interconnected. Continuous paths and spaces are formed in and around which to dynamically experience, show, participate, learn, dis- cover, innovate . . . to wander, exercise, contemplate, rest and play.

A series of rings define six overlapping zones of space. Each of these open, flexible spaces are sewn together by a network of overlapping routes. Factory worker, researcher, spectator, performer, lecturer, farmer, buyer, visitor - all cross paths in a ow of action, exchange and participation.

PAVILIONUOVO is more than a building meeting functional, aesthetic and technical requirements. It is a building filled with forms, materials, colours, relationships and experiences with symbolic values and meanings, that trigger our imagination, evoke our memories, awake our sensations . . . communicating the ethos, history and aspirations of Barilla. Our approach is not a nostalgic one. It is a timeless and contemporary strategy that understands our core human values - constants of the human condition - that surpass the Age in which we live. PAVILIONUOVO is a building ‘for the future’ that emerges from and teaches us about our past . . . as we live in the present.

Charles Tashima Architecture Charles Tashima Architecture

A large, floating elliptical ring projects a positive emotional message of harmony, unity, commitment and community. As a wedding band, the ring is an encompassing form that represents the self, wholeness, completeness and inclusiveness. Encapsulated within the form of a ring are the values of honesty, truth and engagement. The circle and ellipse also represent the continuum of time, of evolution and the cycle of life - suggesting cumulative change, growth and transformation from simple beginnings. As in the narrative of a story, a journey unfolds, travelling from one experience to another in a momentum of development and maturity. Beyond its symbolic value, the circular form is a physical manifestation, found in nature, as in the orbits of the sun, moon and earth, the emanating ripples in a lake, the gentle curve of a bee on approach to its hive. Ellipses and circles too are definers of movement and experience. As in the Baroque, ellipses - a circle with two foci - throw into action a dynamic choreography of space and movement in time. The curve is a line that is continuously turning, sweeping, opening and embracing. Taking a curve instead of straight line, your movement enables the simultaneous awareness of where you are, where you have been and where you are yet to go. Your senses are filled with energy, surprise, awe, grandeur and reflection. Importantly, the circular form also creates a space - an interior - a void. We envision this empty space as central to our design. From the interior of the ring, the surrounding context is made mute, providing a sense of calm, of contemplation, reflection and repose. For a moment, your vision is commanded by the framed, ever-changing view of the sky, the gravel ground, a grassy mound, and glazed surrounding ring. This void is a calming and tranquil space for rest, reflection and the incubation of new ideas.

Charles Tashima Architecture Charles Tashima Architecture