Announcement of Shortlisted Projects

NEWS - 01.08.2018

Announcement of Shortlisted Projects

By Barilla

Barilla would like to warmly thank all the participants of the first stage of Barilla Pavilion International Competition. We are pleased to have received such an enthusiastic response from architects all over the world with proposals and new visions for Barilla Pavilion located in Pedrignano Headquarters. 

Due to the large number of entries and its qualities the Jury Panel, took the necessary time to carefully evaluate all proposals. 

Following we are glad to announce you the Shortlisted projects which are going to be admitted to the Second Stage of the Barilla Pavilion International Competition. The Shortlisted projects are going to be communicated in anonymous form, through its Competition ID.

The submissions that have been selected from the Jury Panel to move forward to Stage Two are:

  • Competition ID: ALPIVH
  • Competition ID: DBP9RD
  • Competition ID: HOYNTF
  • Competition ID: IST0WS
  • Competition ID: J6N6SH
  • Competition ID: KHMZQL
  • Competition ID: Y1F3C9
  • Competition ID: VBO7NO

The proposals have been assessed by renowned architects, designers, cultural managers and academics such as: Walter de Silva, Lesley Lokko, Momoyo Kaijima, Davide Rampello, Matthias Schuler, along with Barilla’s President and Vice-Presidents.

For the complete profile of all Jurors please check JURY page.