Digital preview of the eight shortlisted projects

NEWS - 24.12.2020

Digital preview of the eight shortlisted projects

By Barilla

As we have previously written on this site, we would be more than happy to to publicly celebrate the competition winning project along with the eight shortlisted architects.

When the pandemic first hit and we had to postpone the event, we needed to take stock, and we started thinking about the autumn. We took almost 9 month of waiting and we have been patient, as required by the situation. Unfortunately in light of the ongoing development on the sanitary emergency, we are still looking forward to being able to schedule the winning ceremony.

Postponing again is a great disappointment for us as well as for you, we will try to make it work but, in the end, there are too many elements remaining unpredictable, including no certainty on whether we would be able to deliver the event in a proper space and with an actual audience.

We felt we had to make the decision to give a digital preview of the projects  in order to thank all the teams involved in the process. We have therefore designed this digital space likewise a platform from which we would like to share the important steps that have been made through the competition, helping us looking toward the future of Pedrignano Campus.

On the other hand, as you can immagine the development of the winning proposal is on hold at least for now. As many other projects, as long as the global pandemic and the outbreaks are not completely contained, we won't be able to schedule any further.

We still looking forward to meet you all but for now stay safe and healthy.